We are an e-commerce and mobile service business that is committed to 100% Customer satisfaction.


  • Warranty is non transferrable and applies to the original purchaser only.
  • Proof of purchase is required with all potential warranty claims.
  • Our electric conversions and products are sold “As-Is” in new working order. The customer must inspect the bike upon delivery and read the instructions before use/ride. 
  • Any item that is repaired or replaced under warranty will be covered by a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the original part.
  • Bizemotor does not warrant against failure or damage due to misuse such as, but not limited to incorrect installation, poor maintenance, abuse or neglect, using the product for something other than its intended purpose, alteration of the product unless expressly permitted in writing by Bizemotor and reserve the right to make such determination. We carefully inspect any returned items..
  • Battery packs, electric kit, components, bikes to include all parts are not warranted in the event of a crash.  
  • Usage during competitions, events, circuits or activities other than those for which the bicycle/component has been conceived will greatly reduce its useful life and is not covered under warranty.
  • Bizemotor warranty does not cover theft or vandalism. 
  • We include 6 months warranty on batteries, not including battery charger. The customer understands we do not service anything other than electrical components that are within warranty period.
  • Bizemotor includes a 180-day warranty period only on electrical components. After the 180-day warranty period customers must pay to replace the deficient part.
  • Costs incurred as a result of loss of use, as well as labour charges for part replacement or changeovers are not covered.If a repair/replacement is not possible 
  • Bizemotor reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value (colour may vary) or a partial refund proportional to the remaining life of the product.
  • In the event you purchase and want to return the product/s, you have 14 days from receiving the shipment/delivery. The customer is responsible for any return shipping costs. All returned items must be in good working condition with no damages. 
  • All returned batteries are required to follow proper shipping procedures.
  • Never can a damaged battery be shipped/return back.  Even if you insure your shipment a Shipping Agency may refuse to pay for any damages if the shipment was not properly packaged according to their standard.
  • The customer is responsible complying with all laws, rules and shipping regulations batteries. 



  • The customer agrees not to copy or modify our electric bicycle design for any reason, or give the design to a third party to copy. This will result in a lawsuit from us.
  • The customer agrees that Bizemotor is not responsible for injuries due to negligence or hereby any other reason why the person riding the electric bike was injured. By reading this waiver the buyer understands this waiver a legal document that puts the risk and legal liability solely on the buyer and any future riders.
  • Bizemotor cannot oversee and supervise safety and proper usage of this electric bike therefore not held responsible for any actions of the buyer and future riders.
  • The customer agrees to waive their right to file suit against for any reason to include the event of an injury or damages of any kind to the buyer or future riders. The customer acknowledges filing suit will result in a counter suit from us. 
  • The customer agrees anyone with serious medical conditions should not ride the electric bike. 
  • The customer agrees to not ride in significant rain or snow. 
  • The customer agrees not to ride off road, sidewalks, in unauthorized areas, or perform any stunts. Do not use any solvents on the bike frame, battery and components. 
  • The customer understands that any riders must be at least 16 years of age to ride per state. 
  • The customer agrees not to tamper with any electrical components of the bike; doing so will void the warranty. For safety reasons do not allow anyone over 120kg to ride this standard bike. Failure to do so could result in the collapse of the frame or burnt out motor. 
  • The customer agrees not to change the voltage level or tamper with the battery. Doing so can result in a short circuit or fire. 
  • The customer agrees that Bizemotor not liable in the event of any kind of battery failure while riding. The battery and charger were tested before being sold to the customer and are in good working order.  The battery and charger were tested before being sold to the customer and are in good working order. The battery can get a max distance on a battery charge if the throttle is used sparingly and the rider pedals along with the motor. 
  • The customer has looked at the battery distance chart included in the instructions and understands the distance and speed capabilities of the bike.
  • The customer understands the bike will need adjustments to their suitability. Many different factors such as road surface, wind, tires, and weight of the rider help determine the battery range. 
  • The electric bike are assembled in the Netherlands and includes foreign made parts. Each electric bicycle is inspected and test ridden by the company to ensure safety.
  • Bizemotor uses secure money transactions. We do not have, or hold, any financial information of our customers.  
  • By state and national law electric bicycles have the same legal rights as regular bicycles only if the electric bike is fewer than 250 watts. 
  • The customer agrees to obey the national electric bike speed limit of 25-km/h and all traffic laws. 
  • The customer agrees to comply with all electric bike laws while riding. 
  • The customer agrees Bizemotor is not liable in the event the buyer and or any future riders break the law.  It is recommended to carry the conversion certificate with you. This will clear up any confusion with the authorities if you are stopped. 
  • The customer has read this waiver and fully understands and agrees with all the provisions in this waiver and instructions included with this electric bike before purchasing. 
  • The customer agrees to ride safely and take good care of their battery pack.Safety is a primary focus of our company. 
  • The customer agrees to respect the safety instructions included in their shipment/delivery and understand the safety risks associated with electric bicycles kit and lithium battery packs sold from Bizemotor. 
  • The customer accepts all responsibility and risk of this electric bike or battery pack and understands it’s a machine that needs maintenance and care. 
  • The customer accepts the risks and responsibility associated with owning and riding their electric bike. We advise the customer to wear a helmet at all times, use lights for night time riding, and to follow all traffic laws. 
  • The customer agrees to treat their electric bicycle with respect and care.  

Wij zijn een e-commerce en mobile diesten bedrijf dat zich inzet voor 100% klanttevredenheid.


  • Garantie is niet overdraagbaar en geldt alleen voor de oorspronkelijke koper.
  • Bewijs van aankoop is vereist met alle mogelijke garantie claims.
  • Onze elektrische conversies en producten worden "As-Is" verkocht in nieuwe werkomstandigheden. De klant moet de fiets inspecteren bij levering en lees de gebruiksaanwijzing voor gebruik / rit.
  • Elk onderdeel dat wordt gerepareerd of vervangen onder garantie, wordt gedekt door een periode die gelijk is aan de resterende garantieperiode van het originele onderdeel.
  • Bizemotor garandeert niet tegen fouten of schade door verkeerd gebruik, zoals, maar niet beperkt tot, onjuiste installatie, slecht onderhoud, misbruik of verwaarlozing, gebruik van het product voor iets anders dan het beoogde doel, wijziging van het product, tenzij uitdrukkelijk schriftelijk toegelaten door Bizemotor En behoud het recht om dergelijke beslissing te nemen. We controleren nauwkeurig welke artikelen teruggestuurd zijn ..
  • Batterijen, elektrische onderdelen, onderdelen, fietsen om alle onderdelen op te nemen zijn niet gerechtvaardigd in geval van een crash.
  • Gebruik tijdens wedstrijden, gebeurtenissen, circuits of andere activiteiten dan die waarvoor de fiets / component is opgevat, vermindert de gebruiksduur aanzienlijk en valt niet onder de garantie.
  • Bizemotorische garantie geldt niet voor diefstal of vandalisme.
  • Wij hebben 6 maanden garantie op batterijen, inclusief batterijlader. De klant begrijpt dat we niet anders dan elektrische componenten die binnen de garantieperiode staan, bedienen.
  • Bizemotor omvat een 180-dagen garantieperiode alleen op elektrische componenten. Na de 180-dagen garantieperiode moeten klanten betalen om het tekort te vervangen.
  • Kosten die voortvloeien uit het gebruiksverlies, alsmede de lasten voor vervanging of omschakeling, worden niet gedekt. Als een reparatie / vervanging niet mogelijk is
  • Bizemotor behoudt zich het recht voor om een alternatief van gelijke of grotere waarde te bieden (kleur kan variëren) of een gedeeltelijke terugbetaling die evenredig is met de resterende levensduur van het product.
  • Bij aankoop en teruggave van het product / s, heeft u 14 dagen na ontvangst van de zending / bezorging. De klant is verantwoordelijk voor eventuele retourzendingen. Alle teruggegeven artikelen moeten in goede staat zijn zonder schade te hebben.
  • Alle teruggegeven batterijen zijn verplicht om de juiste verzendprocedures te volgen.
  • Een beschadigde batterij mag nooit worden verzonden / teruggebracht worden. Zelfs als u uw zending verzekert, kan een Verzendbureau weigeren om te betalen voor eventuele schade indien de zending niet naar behoren was verpakt volgens hun standaard.
  • De klant is verantwoordelijk om te voldoen aan alle wetten, regels en verzendregels batterijen.


Siamo un'attività di e-commerce e servizi mobili impegnati nel soddisfare il clienti al 100%


  • La garanzia non è trasferibile e si applica solo all'acquirente originale.
  • Prova d'acquisto è richiesta per tutte le eventuali richieste di garanzia.
  • Le nostre conversioni elettriche e prodotti vengono venduti "Così come sono" in un nuovo ordine di lavoro. Il cliente deve controllare il prodotto al momento della consegna e leggere le istruzioni prima dell'utilizzo.
  • Ogni articolo riparato o sostituito in garanzia sarà coperto da un periodo pari al periodo di garanzia rimanente della parte originale.
  • Bizemotor non giustifica l'inadempimento o il danno dovuto ad un uso improprio, come ad esempio: scorretta l'installazione, mancanza di manutenzione, abuso o negligenza, utilizzo del prodotto per qualcosa di diverso da quello previsto, alterazione del prodotto, a meno che non sia espressamente consentito per iscritto da Bizemotor e si riserva il diritto di effettuare tale determinazione. Controlliamo attentamente tutti gli articoli restituiti.
  • Le batterie, i kit, i componenti, le biciclette e tutte le parti incluse  non sono garantite in caso di incidente.
  • L'utilizzo durante gare, eventi, circuiti o attività diverse da quelle per cui la bicicletta / componente è stata concepita ridurrà notevolmente la vita utile e non è coperta dalla garanzia.
  • La garanzia Bizemotor non copre furto o vandalismo.
  • Abbiamo 6 mesi di garanzia sulle batterie, escluso il caricabatteria. Il cliente comprende che non garantiamo altro materiale elettrico che sia entro il periodo di garanzia.
  • Bizemotor include un periodo di garanzia di 180 giorni solo su componenti elettrici. Dopo il periodo di garanzia di 180 giorni i clienti devono pagare per sostituire la parte danneggiata.
  • I costi sostenuti a seguito della perdita di utilizzo, nonché le spese di manodopera per la sostituzione o la sostituzione di pezzi non sono coperti se una riparazione / sostituzione non è possibile.
  • Bizemotor si riserva il diritto di offrire un'alternativa di valore uguale o maggiore (il colore può variare) o una restituzione parziale proporzionale alla vita residua del prodotto.
  • Nel caso si desideri restituire il prodotto/i, si hanno 14 giorni dalla ricezione della spedizione. Il cliente è responsabile di eventuali costi di spedizione di ritorno. Tutti gli articoli restituiti devono essere in buone condizioni di lavoro e senza danni.
  • Tutte le batterie restituite sono tenute a seguire le procedure di spedizione corrette.
  • Non è mai possibile restituire una batteria danneggiata prima o durante il trasporto se non è stata correttamente imballata.
  • In caso di restituzione il cliente è responsabile per tutte le leggi, le norme e le normative inerenti al trasporto delle batterie.